Our macaws for sale make a wonderful companion pet. Purchasing a parrot online is easy at MyMacaws. We sell parrots of the highest quality health and basic ability in their DNA. We have a small selection of macaws for sale, Harlequin macaw for sale, Blue and Gold Macaws for sale and Hyacinth macaws for sale.

Macaws, along with ravens, crows, jays and magpies, are among the most intelligent birds, and the ability of some species to imitate human voices is why they are so popular as companion pets.

Parrots are birds made up of approximately 372 species. They are found in most of the tropical & subtropical regions. The order is sub-divided into three super families that is the Psittacoidea “true parrots”, the Strigopoidea also New Zealand parrots’ and the Cacatuoidea (cockatoos). Parrots exhibit pan-tropical distribution as other parrot species inhabit the temperate regions of the Southern Hemisphere. Australasia and South America have the largest variety of parrots.

If you’re looking to get a Macaw parrot and want to know more about the different types of Macaws that are out there, then look no further than the MyMacaws Network . We feature an incredible selection of blue and gold macaws, green wings macaws, hyacinth macaws, and scarlet macaws for sale, plus so much more! No matter which type of Macaw you’re looking for or if you need information on how to take care of your new Macaw parrot, we have it here on our website.

The Blue and Gold Macaw

If you search for macaw parrots for sale near me or macaw parrots for sale in california on , you’ll be able to see that Blue and gold macaws for adoption are available. Contact us to schedule a visit! If a local pet store isn’t convenient for you then consider adopting through us. One great place to find all types of macaw parrots for sale is Macaw For Sale . We feature all different kinds including blue and gold macaws as well as scarlet and green wings macaws. With adoptions we only ask that your home be suitable so please do research before inquiring about certain types such as blue and gold or green wings. Otherwise inquire about anything else!


macaws for sale

Name: Zazu
Sex: Male
Price: $1500
Age: 8 Months

Selling my tame blue and gold macaw closed rung. Beautiful colors and feathers Used to family friendly environment and goes to everyone. For more info please contact


macaw parrots for sale

Name: Flora
Sex: Female
Price: $1500
Age: 12 Months

Selling my super tame hand reared harlequin macaw baby closed rung with hatch certificate fully weaned and ready to leave. Perfect feathers and beautiful colors. Been brought up in a friendly and family environment more than welcome to view in for more info please contact

The Scarlet Macaw

This brightly colored tropical bird is one of our most famous macaws for sale! The scarlet macaw was named after its bright red feathers which it can flash as a warning to predators. The scarlet macaw lives in humid rainforests in South America, primarily on Brazil’s northern coast, where there are large mangrove forests. In these tropical jungles you will also find blue and gold macaws for sale .

 Scarlet macaws make their nests in tree cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes. They lay 2-3 eggs per year and incubate them for about 26 days. Once hatched, both parents care for their young until they reach maturity at about 4 years old. Scarlet macaws eat mainly fruits but will sometimes supplement their diet with insects or small reptiles when food is scarce.

 These stunning birds have beautiful crimson plumage around their eyes that fades into lighter colors towards their bodies. Their long tails have light blue tips and white spots down each side, and from above they look almost like diamonds (which is why they’re called diamonds in some parts of Latin America).

Scarlet macaws have longer tails than other types of macaws for sale , including hyacinths, green wings, and blues. When flying above thick forest canopy or through clearings (where predators might be hiding), these long tails act as rudders so that if a predator attacks from below, the scarlet macaw can twist out of harm’s way without having to lose much altitude.


macaw parrots for sale california

Name: Charlie
Sex: Female
Price: $2000
Age: 1 Year

He has been in our family as a baby. He does take food from certain people and allows certain people to stroke/touch him. We have all the paperwork and he has a ring. He has a DNA certificate. Very rare Scarlett macaw parrot. He has grown up with children, cats and another parrot. He doesn’t talk much however does say odd words. We want Charlie to go to the right home with a lot of love and care. We are in no rush to sell him and want him to be loved and cared for.


macaws for sale near me

Name: Juno & Love
Sex: Male & Female
Price: $2500
Age: 9 months 2 weeks

Beautiful talking blue and gold macaw pair around 10 months old. They are very sociable with kids and other household pets. They love to be around family and watch TV together. Healthy and beautiful feathers and come with the DNA and health papers. Tame and unrelated.



Name: Coco
Sex: Female
Price: $1500
Age: 14 months

Illigers are easier to keep than larger macaws because of their small size. Pet owners enjoy them for their intelligence and clowny personality. She is tame but can be cheeky and nip sometimes. She enjoys being out and talks quite well. Loves to fly to you and sit on your shoulder. Comes with relevant paperwork.

The Hyacinth Macaw

For over ten thousand years macaw parrots have been trained and cared for by many people all over the world. But when you look for macaw parrots for sale there are several characteristics you need to be aware of before making a purchase.

There are many different types of macaw parrots available and they have very specific needs depending on where they will be living and what type of environment they will live in. These beautiful bird comes in a variety of shapes and sizes but one thing that sets them apart from other types is their long tail feathers. This is where they get their name from because their tail feathers look like spikes as though someone has sprayed hair gel all over them! .

When looking for macaw parrots for sale it’s important to know how much time and effort you will be able to put into caring for your new pet. A good place to start is finding out how big your macaw can grow, so if you don’t have enough space in your home or want to make sure your new friend doesn’t take up too much room then it might not be a good idea to buy a hyacinth macaw.

 They are large birds with impressive wingspans which means they can easily knock things off tables or break fragile items around your home if you don’t pay attention while they are playing around or being chased by smaller pets such as dogs or cats. If you do decide to go ahead and buy a hyacinth macaw for sale it’s best to keep in mind that these birds do require some special care. The most important thing is providing plenty of space so they can fly freely around your home without damaging anything or hurting themselves.

 You should also consider buying a perch especially designed for larger birds since regular perches could cause problems with their feet if they spend too much time standing on them. It’s also important to remember that although these majestic creatures are beautiful and intelligent, they are still wild animals at heart which means you should always respect them and never try to force them into doing something against their will.


hyacinth macaws for sale

Name: Paco
Sex: Male
Price: $1500
Age: 9 months

Ok so let me begin…. Love car journeys – he sits on parcel shelve!
He is not at all timid of people animals nor other birds and comes out shopping with us – really!
Not yet talking but may just be by the time you pick him up.


Name: Lola
Sex: Female
Price: $1500
Age: 11 months

Fully Hand reared tame. Perfect healthy & active Beautiful feathers. Comes with her Dna Certificate & Birth certificate. Eating independently daily fresh water seeds, mix vegetables & fruits. Must go to loving forever home someone where she can get lots of love, attention, care & time.


macaw babies

Name: Skippy and Molly
Sex: Male $ Female
Price: $3000
Age: 4 Months

We have a couple of hand reared babies left for those who want to breed or rear. These are incredible animals highly intelligent. They will be big birds, love to be out of their cage, they are used to other birds, dogs, fabulous with children, and with children with special needs they are so gentle.


macaws for adoption
Name: Cisco
Sex: Male
Price: $2000
Age: 15 Months

Available for a Loving and Caring Home willing to devote time and attention to him. He’s well socialized and come with a health guarantee, DNA papers, vet reports and lots of free accessories. He’s Tamed and hand fed.


Macaws need a large and durable cage so be prepared to make a significant Spending. Mini macaws can be kept in a cage sized (24″x36″x48″) while the larger macaws need a cage of a size 36″x48″x60″. The cage must be strong enough to withstand the significant beak strength of macaws, so a stainless steel cage is good spending.

Many Macaws Owners Provide a wide variety of wooden toys or plain, untreated chunks of wood to chew on should be provided on a rotating basis to your macaw. Toys meant to be taken apart to get at a treat are also a good choice, as are hanging toys and toys to climb on.

Macaws Feeds on a wide range of healthy fresh foods grains, vegetables, fruits, Nuts, Pellets should make up 25 to 50 percent of the diet, seeds should be no more than 10 percent of the diet and the rest of the diet should be fresh healthy foods.

Our parrots are born, raised and live in our house as part of our family

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