Although picking up your parrot(s) in person at the breeder is ideal, we understand this is simply not practical for everybody. To accommodate those who cannot pick up their kittens in person, we offer two travel options:


Air Travel

Airport Selection: We’ll find and choose the most convenient airport that provides a Pet program and an incoming flight schedule that is best for the parrot at any given time.

Coordination: We take care of communicating and coordinating with you to insure your parrot is well-prepared for their travel day. We work with you to coordinate schedules, and you will be provided with a full flight itinerary.

Parrot Pickup: You have the option to pickup your parrot from the nearest airport to your location or let one of our certified nannies deliver the parrot at your door step. We love this because we get to spend extra time with your parrot in helping them to have the best travel day possible!

Accommodations: After good-bye kisses and check in, your parrot will travel in the comfort of a new airline-approved kennel with absorbent bedding, food, and water.

Joyful Reunion: We stay in touch with you to let you know your parrot is safe on its way, and will wait to hear the good news of your new parrot arriving safely in your arms!

Rates: Air travel starts at $100 for Delta or American. United Airlines is an additional $50. Prices may vary depending on size, temperatures, and destination to cover additional costs. Rates include travel costs, your parrot’s health certificate, and travel carrier.


Ground Travel

Coordination: Together, we’ll arrange and confirm a travel date to insure our parrots are ready for their exciting day they get to meet their new family.

Parrot’s Pickup: We can arrange to meet half way with you (depending on the distance) so picking up your parrot will be made easier. We love the opportunity to hang out with your parrot for the day and make some road-trip memories (and potty stops) together!

Joyful Reunion: The best part! Its always a pleasure to hand-deliver, from our arms to yours, the new love of your life!

Rates: Ground travel is 60 cents per mile ($50 minimum).


Our parrots are born, raised and live in our house as part of our family

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